Working while studying a degree ? possible in London

22 Jun

The answer is yes. Now we all work hard and some even harder so where is the time ? Further I just wrote we al work hard so how can a very tired person study or even find the time ? right ?  no ! wrong.  Yes wrong. and  here is how I study. You travel on the tube or train for at least 45 min each day to work so you now have 45 min to read through the module notes. Going back home another 45 min. But I assure you that the trip back you will be less focused, and ofcourse a seat would be good, maybe badges for studying on a train would be good. So there is 90 minutes you thought you never had. So 90 min x 5 days is 7 and haf hours each week. I know it’s not silent on a train but you could go through the tedious info or revise exam questions as you are more focused.  So great start. Now you also have 16 hours over a weekend but how much of that is yours is up to each person, you also have at least 2 to 4 hours each night, how much of that is your is also up to you ? So is there any more time, sre no ? Well there is if you look for it and make it, yes make it. Here is where there is a few more hours. Firstly your assignments may be online so take laptop and you can then post from where ever you are, even the museum if need be  ( may need to check if you can take laptop in ) You will not believe how much time you have at the airport before flights and that is a usually quiet area. What about your hour lunch break ? but don’t over do it we all human. Now let me give you some more tips if you really stuck for time. Record yourself studying the important notes and make  a CD to listen whle at gym or in your car if you a sales rep working on the road. You can even use that if you upload to your phone while you in the tube. So there is lots of time if you look for it. Now I did mention create it. Well there are some ways which, well how should I put it, well could get you into a little hot water but suppose not illegal. At work during quiet times study. Hey ! you not doing work so might as well make use of it.  I am sure you cn create some more of these yourself with some imagination. Just imagine you worked as a security guard the entire day.  You would have so much time to study. You would actually be one of the lucky ones as your company would expect you to do something like read a book anyway. ( I am not saying security do nothing ) The point is find where in your day you can use time which can be applied to your studies, you will not believe how effective this is.  Maybe you work night shift and it gets really quiet ? Remember you just need to pass the exams to get the qualification. Now if you add up all the time I mentioned and the time you find I would bet you probably near, or at par or even have more time than full time students ?  Interesting isn’t it ? Any more great tips please post to help all students.


One Response to “Working while studying a degree ? possible in London”

  1. Robinhood June 22, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    Hi. Thanks. This has openned my mind to the use of time. Great ideas for time

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